Caoba is located 10 kms away from Santa Marta, with 8 kms of dirt road. As we are in the mountains, we don't have an address as such, but there is only one road leading to us. IMPORTANT: during rainy season we recommend to arrive and leave Caoba before midday.

To get to us is only possible by 4wd or Moto taxi and here are the indications in how to get to us:

Boutique hostel in the area of Minca and Santa Marta

Public Transport

(Public bus or taxi followed by moto taxi)

Duration: ca. 60 minutes, depending on traffic


From Santa Marta take the bus or Taxi to Bonda and tell the driver to drop you off at the police station ( estación de policia ) - Bus cost: 1600 pesos. Here you take another service: the moto taxi. Tell the driver to drive you to Caoba (everyone knows where that is).

The moto taxi will cost you around 20.000 COP to Caoba and 25.000 COP if travelling with a very heavy bag.


Important information:

- all the drivers are used to this type of road and to transport tourists.

- If the road is in a bad shape or the river too big, it might happen, that the driver can only drop you off at the river. From here you cross the river and walk straight for 15 minutes. The cost to the river should not be more than 15.000 COP

- We don´t recommend you to take a very young driver. If you wish, call us and we give you the phone number of one of the drivers we drive with.

- If you are coming from the central bus station, we would recommend you to take a taxi that drops you off at car entrance to the shopping mall Buena Vista. The buses to Bonda stop here. But you can also take it straight to the police station in Bonda.

- If you arrive to the police station during lunch time, the possibilities of finding a driver are less.

- After 17:00 the cost of the ride can be higher


*If you wish a phone number of a driver we trust, please contact us*

Boutique hostel in the area of Minca and Santa Marta

Own Car

(must be a 4wd and a driver who knows how to use it)

Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

GPS: 11.1966520142,-74.1016887056


When driving out of Santa Marta on the road to Parque Tayrona ( road called Troncal Caribe or in google maps 90 ), you pass a big bridge and keep driving through a suburb, after the suburb you pass a second small bridge and 100 mts after the small bridge there is a deviation on the right to Bonda. The deviation has no sign, but a hardware store on the right (ferreteria el Campo). 100 mts after you have entered the deviation, there is another deviation to the right. This road is a dirt road, which you will drive 5 kms straight. After the 5 kms you will reach a point where you see a river and two ways. One way to the left and the other straight to the right. DONT take the way to the left!!! before you keep driving straight right, please take a look first at the state of the road. Here is where you will need the 4wd and its best to take a small look at the first part of it (recommendation). From this point you will drive straight another 2 kms until you reach the river, which has to be crossed, then another 1 km and you have reached Caoba.


During rainy season we recommend to arrive in Caoba before lunch. The rain tendencies are more towards midday and the water in the river tends to increase making the crossing difficult or impossible for a couple of hours.


Please contact us if the information is unclear. 

Boutique hostel in the area of Minca and Santa Marta

Pick up and Drop off service


We offer pick up services from Bonda, Santa Marta, Airport, Minca, Parque Tayrona, Palomino..

If interested, please fill the form or contact us via email or phone no later than 3 week days prior arrival.


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