Boutique hostel in the area of Minca and Santa Marta



Caoba is the perfect place to host a private and secluded retreat, due to the location and the set up of the place. If you are interested, we can rent the entire place, which we would close to the public, guaranteeing privacy.


Included in the offer:


- Accommodations

- Cleaning service

- Reception service

- Seminar house ideal for Yoga, Meditation, Workshops

- The terrace on top of Caoba for Meditation and Yoga

- Secluded part of the river

- Restaurant area

- The Space in Caoba. The guest can move around the space without any interference from non invited guests

- Original Kogui houses for fire sessions



Not included in the offer is the Restaurant and Juice/tea bar. Depending on the size of the group, we can add this to the offer. The price depends on the time of the year and the length of the retreat you want to host. You are welcome to send us an email to, call/ whatsapp us to +573157192038 or send us the form.

Please be aware, we don't host retreats, we offer the space and accommodation for it.


Thank you very much

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Boutique hostel in the area of Minca and Santa Marta