There is a room for every taste, take a look and find yours


Built on original Tayrona terraces, perfect space for a person or a couple looking for a relaxin time.

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Tree House

Located on a Mango tree, this house can accommodate up to 3 people and is a perfect way of sleeping in a Natural Reserve.  ...more info

House in the Forest

Also called the hummingbird house. Has an amazing view to the forest and river giving the impression to be in the forest.

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Garden House

In the middle of the Botanical Garden, with a wonderful view of river and tons of wildlife from the front porch.

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Shared Dormitory

Very cozy and comfortable space for max. 4 people. 

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Booking policies:


Reservations are taken until 2 days before the date. A transfer of 1 night is required.


If the reservation is cancelled within 2 days prior date, we reserve the right to charge the cost of one night and the difference will be transferred back.


In case of a last minute booking, let us know and we will find a way to make it happen =)


For more information please contact us via phone or whatsapp.

0057- 316 832 57 31 

0057- 315 719 20 38

0057 - 5 4209670


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