This small town along the beach is starting to gain more and more attention from tourists. It has the same coastline as Palomino, but is slightly more quiet and has comparatively less accommodations. It is located before Palomino (direction Santa Marta to Riohacha). From here, people do small trips to Quebrada Valencia or long ones to Ciudad Perdida. 

The town is located close to the mouth of Buritaca river in the Caribbean sea. 


From Caoba, it is around 1 hour and 30minutes. 


Public transport:

From Caoba, take the Moto Taxi to the road where the buses go in the direction of Parque Tayrona  (the stop is called "La Y (pronounces je) de Bonda) . There, you take the bus to Buritaca. 

If you wish for a shuttle service from Caoba to Buritaca, please fill out this request form no later than 5 week days prior to date of departure.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need.