The Parque Tayrona is a protected area in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. It covers approx. 30 square kilometres of maritime area and approx. 150 square kilometres of land. The Tayrona park was also an area where the Tayronas used to live and therefore is a very sacred place for the indigenous tribes. Also during some times in the year, they come to the park to perform their rituals. Due to their rituals and ceremonies, the Tayrona Park closes for a period of one month in each year. As this month can change, the closing time can be announced approx. 1 month in advance. This is beneficial in order to give the park and its natural space some time and peace after being visited by many tourists. 


Cabo San Juan de Guia is the most visited place in the park, due to its tranquil waters and landscape. Most of the beaches in the park are not suited for swimming due to the strong currents. A passport is required in order to enter the park.


Entrance cost for foreigners: 42.000 pesos

Entrance cost for locals: 16.000 pesos

- Please be aware, prices may change - 

How to get there from Caoba?


Public service:

Take a moto taxi to the main road (Troncal), from here you can wait for the only bus that drives in the direction Parque Tayrona (a medium sized white bus). While paying, mention that you are going to Parque Tayrona. The bus will stop there.

At the entrance of the Park, you will receive a small briefing and an explanation of how to get to the beaches. For more information, please contact us.



From Caoba to the entrance of the Park, it takes about 1 hour (depending on the waiting time for the bus and traffic conditions).

If you wish for a shuttle service from Caoba to the entrance of Parque Tayrona, please fill this request form no later than 5 week days prior to the date of departure.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the relevant information.