This is a desert terrain in the Guajira region of Colombia, which is also inhabited by the guayúus (indigenous tribe in the Guajira). You will find the best conditions for kite and windsurfing the entire year round making it the best place for these activities in Colombia. 

Main destinations in Cabo de La Vela are: El Pilon de Azucar, La Playa Dorada, El Ojo de Agua and the Rancherias (where the guayúus live). 

Tours to Cabo de la vela depart from Riohacha everyday and there are different companies operating these tours. The Cost depends on the time, transportation and number of people participating in the tour. 


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Kite and Windsurfing schools:

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How to get there from Caoba?

Public transport: Take the Moto Taxi to Bonda. From there, take a taxi to the central station. In the Station, buy a ticket to Riohacha. Buses from the central station are large sized buses that drop you off at the central station in Riohacha.

Cost of the bus ticket: around 22.000 Pesos (one way).



From Caoba to Riohacha, it can take you around 3 hours.

If you wish for a shuttle service from Caoba to the central station in Santa Marta, please fill out this request form no later than 5 week days prior to date of departure.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need.