The archaeological discoveries in Neguanje gave name to an entire era in the pre-Colombian history of the Tayrona natives. In fact, the surrounding hills were used for centuries by the Tayrona to bury their dead, thus turning it into a  holy field, full of tombs, myths and mystery. In more than 40 years, the news of the indigenous guacas loaded with gold and ceramics had spread all over the country. A large tributary of guaqueros (treasure hunters) came to excavate the land and to plunder the vast majority of the indigenous tombs. A few others were excavated in the name of science. The sea has an exceptional diversity of fish, algae and reefs.

To enter the park, you must take your passport with you.


Entrance for foreigners: 42.000 pesos

Entrance for locals: 16.000 pesos

- be aware that prices may change - 

How to get there from Caoba?


Public transport: Take a Moto Taxi to the police station in Bonda. From there you can take a taxi to drive you there or we can call a taxi to pick you up at the station.


Duration: from Caoba to Neguanje would take 1 hour and 15 minutes

If you wish for a shuttle service from Caoba to Neguanje, please fill out this request form no later than 5 week days prior to date of departure.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need.