Palomino, in the past couple of years, has become a great tourist destination thanks to its laid back vibe at the beach. Here, visitors can find different types of accommodations, from low budget to luxury resorts, with an option to be in a beach or forest location. There is something here for every taste and preference. 


Visitors can enjoy the beach, yoga, hikes and tubing(which can take 2 to 4 hours down the palomino river).


In January, Palomino has the Jaguar Festival with local bands and stalls, where people sell local food and handicrafts.






How to get there from Caoba?

Public transport: 

Take the Moto Taxi to the police station in Bonda, and then the bus to the beginning of the road to Bonda (5 minutes drive). Here, you can wait at the main road for the bus that drives to Parque Tayrona (which takes you to its last station: Palomino) - everyone in the region knows which bus it is. 



Around 2 hours depending on traffic.

If you wish for a shuttle service from Caoba to Palomino, please fill this request form no later than 5 week days prior to date of departure.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need.